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Trail in Woods

Tree Removal

While trees can add a lot to a piece of property, sometimes it is necessary to remove them

Tree Removal Services

Residential and Commercial

 At Andrii's Tree Service we  can handle any tree removal services.  Whether your tree has been damaged during a storm or if there is a tree that's would like to be removed.  With the expert equipment , experience and trainings we have.   We will cut down  trees in your way and haul them off your property. We will ensure that your tree removal go smoothly, quickly and efficiently. We are fully insured and have experience in the safe tree removals.  Contact us for free estimate 

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Reasons for tree to be removed:

The amount of damage the tree can do is severe, so timely removal is very wise 

Dead tree 

Dead tree can decay and cause serious damage to your property because of time. The longer you wait, the more dangerous it is 

Bad location 

If the tree is too close to your home. During storm tree can easily topple over your house and damage it. 


Tree may block either a view or block some areas. Walkway, road areas that you need to access

Damaged or diseased 

Damaged decrease the appeal of your home 

Ways to be removed:

Cutting down a tree in pieces

For larger trees or where there is insufficient space to fell the tree. We would remove by cutting in pieces. Starting at the top of the tree and moving downward.  Each piece of the tree is either dropped to the ground or carefully lowered with ropes, depending on what's beneath and around tree.

Tree felled 

Where the tree is small or has enough  open ground around tree can be cut down in one piece and fall on the ground. The felling of the tree is achieved by making cuts at the base of the tree and this is the most economical and efficient method for the removal of a tree.​

Best option depends on the condition of the tree , where is it located , surrounding around it and weather. 

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